What is Immediate Credit for Cheque Holders?

Immediate credit for check holders will be given if a number of check outstations have been made by depositors of check payments, beyond the value of 5,000 / to the account of deposit holders of check payments without waiting for receipt from the paying bank; subject to these terms and conditions:

It shall be an KYC complied account; ie, an account that is registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a compliant or insured account. The account holder shall have KYC compliant bank statements and the check shall be issued on receipt. If the payer has a checking account with an insured bank he shall have a check with an authorized signature, in which he shall sign the check and acknowledge that he has signed the check and has authorization to debit the check from his bank account, and it shall be deposited in the bank account, subject to these terms and conditions:

The bank account should be verified by the bank manager

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The bank manager shall verify the bank statement of the payer. The bank manager shall also verify the check number and the amount to be credited, if any. If the bank manager finds that the payer has not furnished all information, he shall reject the check.

A signature shall be extracted from the check by the bank manager by punching the check number in a signature block, after pressing the check number three times. A check shall be debited from the bank account within 48 hours. An immediate credit shall be issued by the bank if a signature of the payer is not obtained.

The payee will be charged a fee for the issuance of the check, subject to these terms and conditions: The fee shall not exceed the amount that would be required for processing the check. The fee shall not exceed the amount of currency that has been credited to the payer’s bank account in the previous day. The fee shall not be more than two percent of the amount that has been debited from the payer’s bank account in the previous day.

A formal request to the bank on his bank statement

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In case of a debit against the bank account of the bank, the payee shall submit a formal request to the bank on his bank statement. for a refund, within one month of receiving the bank statement, which shall contain the amount due.

Immediate credit for check holders shall not be given by the bank unless and until the amount has been withdrawn from the bank account in full. The bank shall keep a record of the withdrawal. The bank shall not give immediate credit to check holders who have withdrawn cash from their accounts without having withdrawn from their bank accounts.

The amount credited by the bank shall only be credited to the check holder’s bank account if and until the money has been cleared from the bank account by the transfer of funds from the check holder’s account. The payer shall keep a record of the amount credited, and the bank shall maintain the bank statement of the payee.

Immediate credit for check holders may be issued for a fixed time period after the receipt of a check from a customer or a company. The payer may not request for an instant cash advance of more than twenty-four hours from the date of receipt of the check.

The credit for checks issued by check holders

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It shall be given only to the bank account of the check holder. The check holder will be charged a fee for the issuance of the check.

In case of cash advances, the check holder shall ensure that all the information about the payer and the account are signed and dated. by the payee.

In case of an advance against checks issued by check holders, the check payee may withdraw money from his account without paying any interest. on the date of withdrawal.


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