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Instant online revolving credit: 3 clicks for a Revolving Credit

A revolving credit remains above all a credit. Receive your quotes online quickly! So, as with any credit application, you must complete a file with our comparator below. It is also undoubtedly to support this point that the official name voluntarily relies on the word "credit", unlike the old names which mainly put forward the side "money reserve".

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Two different ways to obtain revolving credit.

Due to its specificity, revolving credit does not require as many details as a conventional credit. In fact, there are two cases of subscription.

Either you are already a client with the organization offering you the line of credit, and requests and subscriptions can go very s2.qwant.com quickly, either, you are unknown with the financing company, and the deadlines will be more or less the same as for a traditional loan. In this second case, you will have to go through the online simulation exercise, then by filling out a form. Then, you will have to print, fill in and mail the complete file, with the supporting documents requested. Finally, the finance company will come back to you with its final agreement or refusal. From that moment you will be able to dispose of the funds.

The advantage of taking out a revolving credit with your Bank lies precisely in this period. Since you are already customers, entry forms are often unnecessary. You are known to your establishment. And, provided with your codes allowing you to join your online customer area, you can make the request directly. The time saving is appreciable. And that is also why organizations like Paydaynow , or Cetelem, are able to react very quickly. And even more if you are already a client of Crédit Agricole or BNP Paribas respectively.

Be careful, however, do not confuse request and acceptance! It is not because your request has been validated on the basis of the figures you have given that the financing will be accepted. As expressed above, revolving credit is above all a credit, and it is therefore subject to the same rules regarding debt. To complete this point, do not confuse agreement in principle with final agreement.

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Agreement and agreement in principle.

Many websites tell you that they agree to issue you a revolving credit, in principle. That is, after you have performed an online simulation. But things can be different once you provide them with your supporting documents. Indeed, various reasons can push a financial institution to refuse to grant a loan;

  • Figures that do not match. The income noted on the simulation is different from that declared on the tax sheet;
  • Professional situations deemed precarious or unstable. Thus, if you are self-employed (auto-entrepreneur, craftsman, self-employed worker, etc.), the calculations inherent to the risks are not the same, and you are often asked for two to three years of hindsight on your activity;
  • An entry in the files of banking incidents in Bank of United States, especially that relating to credits (FICP);
  • A debt ratio deemed too high;
  • Etc.

So do not rely on online simulators when it comes to accepting your credit application. They can be very reliable when it comes to calculating the amount of a due date from a borrowed envelope. But it is limited to that.

Either way, if you are in an emergency, get closer to your Bank. It is still the one who will react the fastest. But if in doubt, do not hesitate to put several irons in the fire, by constituting various files. Apart from comparing products and costs, you will also gain in making contact.

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