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Free asset, from Crédit Agricole

When we go to the Crédit Agricole website, strangely, we do not find any promotion for the revolving credit Atout Libre. However, this line of credit does exist within the Green Bank. But to be able to find it, you have to search the regional sites of the Crédit Agricole branches. And in particular on that of Washington DC

Not being able to include all the regional sites, we will therefore be satisfied with the information available on this site.

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What does Crédit Agricole offer?

Like many of its fellow bankers, Crédit Agricole therefore has a revolving loan, the Atout Libre. The latter is made up of an envelope of available money , in case of hard knocks, or crushes , it depends. And it can come in handy. In the event that an unmissable opportunity presents itself to you, but you do not have the cash immediately, the Free Asset, associated with the Cart'Lib (or the Gold Cart'Lib) therefore allows you to access the request or the object of desire .

Because, in the same way as the Bank Popular or the Savings Bank , Crédit Agricole therefore proposes to back the credit cards that it distributes to its cash reserve. In the same way, the repayments are flexible up to a certain floor (that of the interest), and the reserve is reconstituted according to the monthly installments.

Crédit Agricole tells us that opening the Atout Libre does not involve any administrative fees , and that early repayments, total or partial, are authorized and free.

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Is the cost of the Free Asset high?

When it was put in place, no. And, once the money is used up, the rate is not as high as one might expect. For an available envelope of $ 500 to $ 21,500, Crédit Agricole charges a rate between 9.66% and 11.65% , which can be revised, of course. But it's still the lowest rates we've seen so far. In addition, the usage ceiling (always subject to means-testing) is the highest among the revolving credits that we have examined.

As is the case for other credit cards backed by renewable credits (Bridgepayday or Izicarte for example), the Cart'Lib can only be used on French soil, and only at physical merchants. No credit payment on the internet therefore, nor by phone. But the same possibility of withdrawing money on credit from ATMs.

To sum up, and even if it was difficult to flush out this line of credit, we will end up with a good impression about the Free Asset. Not that it offers incredible or more complete services than other revolving credits , but although its rate is actually lower than those posted by the competition, including the Bank Postale.

We will end by specifying that the revolving credits offered by banking establishments all have this advantage over those marketed by financing organizations: they can be backed by a credit card allowing immediate purchase on credit. Which, in the end, represents a huge advantage ...

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