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Izicarte, money reserve Savings bank

In the same way as the Bank Popular with the Bridgepayday account, or the Bank Postale with its revolving credit, the Caisse d'épargne (moreover united within the same BPCE group with the Bank Popular) offers its debit card. withdrawal and payment backed by a revolving line of credit ; it is the Izicarte. Understand by this that it is about the "easy" use of the credit card and a reserve of money.

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How does the Izicarte work?

In principle, the Izicarte is the twin sister of the Bridgepayday. This is a credit card to which an option is added, that of being able to pay directly for purchases on credit . This credit is in fact a revolving credit . That is to say, you will need to top it up by paying monthly installments.

Izicarte is therefore a credit card like we all have. Except that it allows you to defer your purchases to the following month . Which can be interesting in the event of unforeseen events or a favorite purchase, requiring an immediate reaction. In fact, this type of card encourages consumption, since they allow us to spend amounts that we do not have. We can see the unhealthy side of this system. At the same time, without the existence of these, what would be the amounts of the charges charged to unpaid bills on our invoices when our cash flow is dry?

As always, we will look at the glass as half empty or half full.

Like its sisters, the Izicarte can be used both for withdrawal and direct payment, and for cash payment as well as credit payment. A more than appreciable flexibility of use, since it allows you to manage your own budget, your level of expenditure . In fact, it should enable the holders of renewable credit to be held accountable.

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What cost for the Izicarte?

The Izicarte does not cost more than a classic blue card . This is simply an option, or an extension to using the s2.qwant.com card offered by the Savings Bank. It is in terms of reimbursements that the Izicarte is costly. As is the case for all revolvings, the rate applied is an adjustable rate . At the Savings Bank, the rate is exactly the same as at the Bank Popular. It is between 7.50% and 19.96% excluding insurance, and depending on the repayment periods chosen by the holder of the money reserve and the sums of money spent (which are actually sums of money borrowed). ) ...

As you can see, the Izicarte can only be used on French soil, and purchases by mail order (internet, telephone, etc.) on credit are excluded. In short, the option is valid in all ATMs, and in all physical traders . It is always possible to prepay the entire amount, and the Savings Bank even leaves the possibility of postponing the deadline twice a year . Of course, the holder of the money reserve also has the option of choosing the amount of the monthly payment. But the lower it will be, the longer the repayment will be, and the more expensive the loan will be.

To sum up, it is no coincidence that the Bridgepayday and the Izicarte are so similar. They are exactly the same. Only the name changes. And for good reason, the Savings Bank and the Bank Popular are now one and the same banking group ...

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