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La Bank Postale, revolving credit

Like these competitors (or sisters, it depends), the Bank Postale also has a revolving credit. Indeed, this line of credit makes it possible to cope with an unforeseen event in the face of a temporary lack of liquidity. And it would have been incomprehensible that a banking establishment close to the daily realities experienced by the French could not offer such a product.

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How is Bank Postale's revolving credit structured?

Bank Postale's revolving credit does not have a specific name. But, although it doesn't have a Christian name, it compares to any other revolving credit. It operates on two principles. First, what we could call the classic case of revolving credit ; that is to say a line of credit, from which you can transfer a larger or smaller amount to your bank account. Then, depending on the amount borrowed, you will pay monthly payments.

The other case is comparable to what we see more frequently today, the revolving credit is directly usable via the credit card.

The particularity of the Bank Postale is that it regulates the use of its money reserve. In the case of the extension option , it allows you to activate 4 Automatically make a payment from the reserve to your account, if the authorized overdraft is exceeded. Thus, you no longer risk the costs of rejections in the event of an overrun. But you will pay the interest on the line of credit.

In the case of the credit option, your credit card allows you to purchase items on credit, in exactly the same way as the Bridgepayday account offers you at Bank Popular. Of course, this is possible for both payments and withdrawals.

Note that the extension option is not mandatory, but it is offered by default when opening the account.

The other thing standardized at Bank Postale is monthly repayments. Here, and although partial and / or total prepayments are possible free of charge, the Bank suggests three speeds for payment of installments; normal, fast, or accelerated. This allows you to choose how quickly you want (or can) refund the money used on the reserve.

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What are the conditions of Bank Postale's revolving credit?

The silver reserve opens from $ 500. But, once you are able to identify a specific need for an amount that would be greater than $ 1,500, the Bank prefers to offer you a depreciable personal loan, so as not to impact your finances too much with too high a rate. . The revisable rate excluding insurance announced by Bank Postale is 12.19% per annum.

As is the case for all cash reserves, the use of the reserve via credit card is possible in all terminals on French territory. However, it cannot be used for mail order sales, for purchases on the internet, or by telephone. This option is not valid abroad either.

In summary, the conditions of use of the Bank Postale money reserve seem identical to those offered by other banking establishments, except for the rate, which is announced to be low on average, and the three reimbursement speeds. However, many organizations offer to adjust the monthly amount of its installments yourself. There are therefore no particular advantages to opting for this particular installation.

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